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Tips for getting kids ready for back-to-school

As I look towards the end of the long, lazy July – August vacation, I typically feel a mix of emotions – apprehension at the resumption of early morning routines and traffic, mixed with relief and anticipation about getting the kids back into some semblance of routine and activities. So imagine how our children feel! […]

The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Building a Brighter Future Together As parents, we are often seeking ways to provide our children with the best opportunities for growth and development. While we focus on their physical health and educational milestones, it’s easy to overlook a simple yet powerful activity that can have a profound impact on their lives: reading to them. […]

Raising Resilient Youth

Raising resilient young people – using the 7 Cs I was recently struck by an article listing the top skills looked for by today’s employers – top among them are communication, leadership, teamwork, interpersonal, self-management and problem-solving skills. Yet, these have historically not been given nearly as much prominence in our schools’ syllabuses as the […]

SPIRE your way to happiness

How to embrace the 5 elements of happiness I was fascinated recently by the work of Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, cofounder of the Happiness Studies Academy and world-renowned expert on happiness. He makes the distinction that happiness is not the absence of sadness, but instead becoming fully present to the whole range of human experience; in […]

Let’s Talk About Death (Part 2)

So, in the last blog, we looked at why it is so difficult to talk about death and dying, and how society’s attitudes have changed with time. In this blog, I want to explore my views on life and death, and invite you to confront your own ideas. Before we start, there are two big caveats: […]

Let’s Talk About Death (Part 1)

So, did the title surprise you? Were you slightly put off? Upset, maybe? Well, this is deliberate. In today’s world death and dying have become such a taboo subject that we can hardly use the words in public! Certainly in Tobago where I live, people “pass” or “pass on” or are even “no longer with […]

Where there’s life…?

One of my mother’s go-to phrases was “where there’s life there’s hope”. When anyone was going through real difficulty or if there was real uncertainty about the future, this was her standard response. It was meant to comfort and give some glimmer of reassurance to the person receiving this wisdom, and (mostly because of her overwhelmingly […]

The Truth About Fasting

As we move from the festivities of Carnival and look forward to Easter, many Christians will be observing the period of lent, which is a time of introspection and self-discipline in the Christian calendar, often accompanied by some form of fasting. As a religion, Christianity is not alone in observing a period of fasting in their yearly routine. […]

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