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Tips for getting kids ready for back-to-school

As I look towards the end of the long, lazy July – August vacation, I typically feel a mix of emotions – apprehension at the resumption of early morning routines and traffic, mixed with relief and anticipation about getting the kids back into some semblance of routine and activities. So imagine how our children feel! […]

Reaping the benefits of Family Rituals

In this digital age, it’s increasingly easy for family members to exist in their own silos, each one head down and absorbed in their device or tech. However, what may be lost is a sense of real connection within the family unit. This is why having family rituals is so important. But what are they? […]

How to Connect with Children

The skill of connection is a key foundational tool. It means letting children know that you are there for them and really care. Children feel connected to you when they feel listened to, taken seriously and are respectfully involved in problem solving in an age-appropriate manner, so they feel a sense of power over their […]

Let’s Talk About Death (Part 1)

So, did the title surprise you? Were you slightly put off? Upset, maybe? Well, this is deliberate. In today’s world death and dying have become such a taboo subject that we can hardly use the words in public! Certainly in Tobago where I live, people “pass” or “pass on” or are even “no longer with […]

Minding the Gap

How to take action to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be… I have recently been thinking a lot about this topic, maybe because it’s a new year and it seems we’re finally seeing our way out of the COVID19 pandemic. It’s sometimes really easy to have clarity on […]

A New Year, A New Beginning

Every Old Year’s night, one of my uncles used to say “I’m not going to bathe until next year!”, and then (predictably) as soon as the clock struck midnight, he would proudly announce “I haven’t bathed since last year!”  This little bit of silly humour brings home the very artificial nature of New Year’s resolutions – […]

Senior Moments

Welcome to Senior Moments, a blog that looks at aging through the eyes of someone who is experiencing this life change first hand. We’re all living longer and for many of us this provides both opportunities and challenges. However, as the world has never before seen such an explosion of older people, we don’t have […]

The Purple Fence

Dr. Joanne Paul- MBBS (UWI), FRCPCH (UK), FRCP (Edin)   So, a few years ago, of course before the pandemic, I was on a small expedition cruise in Canada with a few friends. It was a boat cruise with an expedition vessel where every day we were docked at a different island and we had a […]

Becoming a more present parent

Author: DR PAULA ROBERTSON, MBBS, FRCPCH PAEDIATRICIAN   I used to be a big believer in the power of multitasking, declaring myself an expert at juggling many things at the same time, a sort of supermom if you will. As I journeyed into parenting however, I realized that in these moments I wasn’t truly present. […]

Of Mice and Professors – Part 1

Dr. Joanne Paul- MBBS (UWI), FRCPCH (UK), FRCP (Edin)     So usually, I know the topic of the article weeks before I write it. It simmers around in my mind as I incorporate points and decide the flow as the story line manoeuvers and unfolds. Sometimes though a particular issue comes at me and lingers […]

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