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The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Building a Brighter Future Together As parents, we are often seeking ways to provide our children with the best opportunities for growth and development. While we focus on their physical health and educational milestones, it’s easy to overlook a simple yet powerful activity that can have a profound impact on their lives: reading to them. […]

Reaping the benefits of Family Rituals

In this digital age, it’s increasingly easy for family members to exist in their own silos, each one head down and absorbed in their device or tech. However, what may be lost is a sense of real connection within the family unit. This is why having family rituals is so important. But what are they? […]

How to Connect with Children

The skill of connection is a key foundational tool. It means letting children know that you are there for them and really care. Children feel connected to you when they feel listened to, taken seriously and are respectfully involved in problem solving in an age-appropriate manner, so they feel a sense of power over their […]

Where there’s life…?

One of my mother’s go-to phrases was “where there’s life there’s hope”. When anyone was going through real difficulty or if there was real uncertainty about the future, this was her standard response. It was meant to comfort and give some glimmer of reassurance to the person receiving this wisdom, and (mostly because of her overwhelmingly […]

Holiday Safety

Tips for keeping little ones safe over the Holiday season Oh the joys of Christmas! The holidays can be a fun and exciting time for children, but this time of year also sees increased home accidents and attendance to the Pediatric ER. Here are some useful tips on keeping the holiday season safe for the […]

The Scourge of Loneliness

During this festive period, it can be hard to imagine that there are people among us who are suffering from loneliness and depression. However, it is a well-known truth among healthcare workers that these festive seasons bring with them a spike in loneliness, depression and even suicide. The reasons for this may be multiple. Seeing […]

Age is Just a Number

While pursuing our postgraduate studies in the UK in the 1990s, my wife and I had a very good friend living in Lancashire called “Aunty Nelly”. She had been a close friend of my father’s when he studied in the UK 30 years earlier, and although she was clearly not related to me by blood, […]

The Importance of Family Mealtimes

I recently came across the Family Dinner Project (https://thefamilydinnerproject.org), a non-profit organization committed to bringing back the magic of regular family mealtimes. The truth is that for many of us, technology and our busy lives have eroded our mealtimes, meaning that family members often eat on different schedules, passing like ships in the night. It’s […]

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