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SPIRE your way to happiness

How to embrace the 5 elements of happiness I was fascinated recently by the work of Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, cofounder of the Happiness Studies Academy and world-renowned expert on happiness. He makes the distinction that happiness is not the absence of sadness, but instead becoming fully present to the whole range of human experience; in […]

Let’s Talk About Death (Part 1)

So, did the title surprise you? Were you slightly put off? Upset, maybe? Well, this is deliberate. In today’s world death and dying have become such a taboo subject that we can hardly use the words in public! Certainly in Tobago where I live, people “pass” or “pass on” or are even “no longer with […]

Where there’s life…?

One of my mother’s go-to phrases was “where there’s life there’s hope”. When anyone was going through real difficulty or if there was real uncertainty about the future, this was her standard response. It was meant to comfort and give some glimmer of reassurance to the person receiving this wisdom, and (mostly because of her overwhelmingly […]

Minding the Gap

How to take action to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be… I have recently been thinking a lot about this topic, maybe because it’s a new year and it seems we’re finally seeing our way out of the COVID19 pandemic. It’s sometimes really easy to have clarity on […]

Setting New Year intentions, not resolutions.

The New Year always brings me hope and optimism. In the past I usually sat down, thought about my Resolutions for the coming year, then started them enthusiastically…only to have them fizzle out in the couple of weeks. For example, I might start at the gym, or walk every evening, but then life intervenes and […]

A New Year, A New Beginning

Every Old Year’s night, one of my uncles used to say “I’m not going to bathe until next year!”, and then (predictably) as soon as the clock struck midnight, he would proudly announce “I haven’t bathed since last year!”  This little bit of silly humour brings home the very artificial nature of New Year’s resolutions – […]

The Scourge of Loneliness

During this festive period, it can be hard to imagine that there are people among us who are suffering from loneliness and depression. However, it is a well-known truth among healthcare workers that these festive seasons bring with them a spike in loneliness, depression and even suicide. The reasons for this may be multiple. Seeing […]

A Reason for Living

Let me tell you a story about my mother.  My mum was a very intelligent woman and a talented musician growing up in an era when opportunities for women were limited. As a young woman of some standing in her village (she was the headmaster’s daughter), she fell in love with a young man of no […]

Habit Stacking

Author: DR PAULA ROBERTSON, MBBS, FRCPCH PAEDIATRICIAN Building a new habit one step at a time Full disclosure…I am a recovering perfectionist and procrastinator, so I understand that it’s easy to get ‘stuck’ sometimes waiting for the perfect or right time, moment, skill etc. I am also one to start the New Year with lots […]

The Blind Spot

Dr. Joanne Paul- MBBS (UWI), FRCPCH (UK), FRCP (Edin) In medical school, a few good many years ago, we learnt that the retina has light sensitive cells, cones, and rods, that transmit messages to the brain about what is seen. Cones transfer colour and are good for daylight vision and perceive fine detail. Rods pick up […]

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