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Let’s Talk About Death (Part 2)

So, in the last blog, we looked at why it is so difficult to talk about death and dying, and how society’s attitudes have changed with time. In this blog, I want to explore my views on life and death, and invite you to confront your own ideas. Before we start, there are two big caveats: […]

Let’s Talk About Death (Part 1)

So, did the title surprise you? Were you slightly put off? Upset, maybe? Well, this is deliberate. In today’s world death and dying have become such a taboo subject that we can hardly use the words in public! Certainly in Tobago where I live, people “pass” or “pass on” or are even “no longer with […]

Where there’s life…?

One of my mother’s go-to phrases was “where there’s life there’s hope”. When anyone was going through real difficulty or if there was real uncertainty about the future, this was her standard response. It was meant to comfort and give some glimmer of reassurance to the person receiving this wisdom, and (mostly because of her overwhelmingly […]

The Truth About Fasting

As we move from the festivities of Carnival and look forward to Easter, many Christians will be observing the period of lent, which is a time of introspection and self-discipline in the Christian calendar, often accompanied by some form of fasting. As a religion, Christianity is not alone in observing a period of fasting in their yearly routine. […]

Show me Your Friends

 There is an old saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”, or as initially quoted by Sancho Panza in the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha, “dime, con quien andas, dezirte he quien eres” (roughly translated to “tell me the company you keep, and I will tell you who you […]

A New Year, A New Beginning

Every Old Year’s night, one of my uncles used to say “I’m not going to bathe until next year!”, and then (predictably) as soon as the clock struck midnight, he would proudly announce “I haven’t bathed since last year!”  This little bit of silly humour brings home the very artificial nature of New Year’s resolutions – […]

The Scourge of Loneliness

During this festive period, it can be hard to imagine that there are people among us who are suffering from loneliness and depression. However, it is a well-known truth among healthcare workers that these festive seasons bring with them a spike in loneliness, depression and even suicide. The reasons for this may be multiple. Seeing […]

Age is Just a Number

While pursuing our postgraduate studies in the UK in the 1990s, my wife and I had a very good friend living in Lancashire called “Aunty Nelly”. She had been a close friend of my father’s when he studied in the UK 30 years earlier, and although she was clearly not related to me by blood, […]

A Reason for Living

Let me tell you a story about my mother.  My mum was a very intelligent woman and a talented musician growing up in an era when opportunities for women were limited. As a young woman of some standing in her village (she was the headmaster’s daughter), she fell in love with a young man of no […]

Senior Moments

Welcome to Senior Moments, a blog that looks at aging through the eyes of someone who is experiencing this life change first hand. We’re all living longer and for many of us this provides both opportunities and challenges. However, as the world has never before seen such an explosion of older people, we don’t have […]

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